Blockchain platform for application documents

A further, time-consuming expenditure consists with the housing search of sending each time anew its documents to the housing company or the broker. A blockchain solution would also be helpful here – there are already functioning practical examples.

On the one hand, a blockchain platform based on the Estonian model would be conceivable. Here, within a decentralised network (the so-called X-Road), all data of the inhabitants are stored, so that everyone with the corresponding digital signature, for example a civil servant, has access to the respective data, without constantly having to fill out and send new forms.

X-Road using the news spy as an example:

Such a platform could work in a similar way for the news spy housing market. All housing associations and estate agents could be equipped with a key that gives them the right to access a platform where the application documents are stored.

As a result, the housing application documents would only have to be uploaded once. Also here a digital signature with an individual Hash can be provided for each document and be tracked over the Bitcoin or Ethereum Blockchain. This form of document certification could well be done with Stampery, which is already available as an add-in for Microsoft Office and runs on both the Bitcoin and Ethereum block chains.

How realistic is that Bitcoin secret?

From a technical point of view, the scenarios presented above are quite realistic. Nevertheless, there is little hope in the short to medium term that housing associations will equip their homes with intelligent locks or implement other Bitcoin secret blockchain solutions, which are not a Bitcoin secret scam.

There is no economic incentive because the apartments will find a tenant one way or the other, even if the estate agent is no longer on site. The brokerage companies would have to bear additional costs due to the conversion as well as the effort to communicate the new technology comprehensibly both internally and externally.

In addition, the profession of broker or mediator, which is already being called into question by digitalisation, would be further in need of explanation. The question of what housing brokers are needed for, if even the doors can be opened automatically via Smart Contracts, would become an even more important topic of discussion.

The conflict of interest, the usual scepticism towards new technologies and economic reasons are currently preventing a rapid blockchain rollout in the brokerage business.

Before intelligent locks become part of everyday life, some time will probably pass before the use cases have been better researched and blockchain usability has matured further.